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Your Hate Is To Blame.

Hate Plays Into Trumps Hand

I try not to get as publicly political.

We are a divided nation and who needs more angst in their lives.

But I’m watching as states remove Trumps name, or consider such a move, and would like to say a bit.

Hate blinds, we all know that but to Trumps opponents, good night you are playing right into his hand.

You are so consumed with rage over this guy you push and push and soon your hate will push this guy right into the white house.

The public see’s what is going on, at least those who are not consumed with hate and turned off their television news can see it.

The haters are preaching to the choir.

The rest of us have moved on and are looking for solutions.

We have movie stars threatening to leave the country if Trump wins.

Um, why do I care where you live or why you feel the need to move.

If people want to follow, that’s their prerogative…go.

The haters need to start looking at the polls.

Your tactics are not just falling on deaf ears you are actually waking people up as your obsession helps wipe the sleep from their eyes giving them a clear vision of your attacks.

Truth is a tattletale and facts are working against you.

Too many lies and people start to ask questions.

You are causing them to ask the questions.

Your fear is literally causing the action you blindly strike out to stop.

Your hypocrisy is so blatant.

You can’t see it.

But in the end it won’t matter what you see because the public is waking up.

And you are the ones arousing them from their slumber.

Okay, I’ll leave it at that for now.

But when and if Trump ends up back in the white house, you have yourself, your hate and your blindness to thank for that.

Oh, you’ll blame someone else, anyone else, but the truth is you are as responsible as anyone.

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Cindi Vail
Cindi Vail
Dec 30, 2023

I am wondering if you knew that it was republicans that removed him from the ballot in Colorado. I find it interesting that Americans do not trust one another to do the right thing again in 2024.


Dec 30, 2023

Rick, I am curious to know if you be the same about‘Biden haters?’

Replying to

I don't think we should hate anyone Jim. I do hate what Biden, and those foolish enough to follow or continue to stand by him are doing to our nation, the poor, the middle class and the divisiveness in our country. I hate what he's doing but no the man despite what you think. I wish him no ill will but I wish he were never elected.


Well said, Rick. - M

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