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Join Rick

How Does it Work?

Each month, you'll join Rick and the Live with Rick Dancer's family to uncover a crazy, untold story in the community. We'll meet incredible people whose stories deserve to be told. That story, and your brand, will be broadcast live to his more than 50k followers on all platforms across the Pacific Northwest and beyond!

You don't have to be great on camera — we've coached plenty of camera — shy guests! Nervous is okay because this show is about being REAL! Always remember, each show is about the story. Your company simply helps make it happen.

Get real and join us for our next show! We'd love to have you along.

Each package's features come every month for six months, landing you on "Get Real" with Rick Dancer and ensuring massive reach to multiple audiences. Check out the options below.

For best exposure, we recommend committing to Get Real for six months. That way you end up in front of many different audiences and we can match you up with a variety of stories.

We have packages that include "10 to 15" minute lives, once a month and we will even create a shorter video 1 to 3 minutes long, that's yours to air on any social media platform including Instagram or even your website. Contact us so we can create a plan that will work best for you.

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