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You're Not The Only One


ou’re Not The Only One

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Every time I hear this song I cry.

Especially today, on a day we celebrate veterans, some who died for our freedom.

I can’t help but think how easily we gave up that freedom and continue to do so as a people.

Aaron Lewis is one of my favorite singers.

Some of you are not going to like this but guess what, this is still America and we don’t have to agree.

Like Lewis and many of you, I’m ashamed of what we so willingly give up so we can claim to be comfortable.

We take our freedom for granted and instead of focusing on issues that put us all at risk, we create cultural issues that blind us, grab our attention, and impact just a few.

We live in dark times.

Some of you don’t see it but that’s because you are blind to what’s going on.

Your homework consists of tickling your ears with what you want to hear not digging around to find out what is really going on.

I challenge you to listen to the video of Lewis at the top and then do as he says….Rather than ask me where I’m getting my information get off your ass and go find it for yourself. It’s out there you just don’t want to look.

My thanks goes out to every veteran to served our country and fought for our freedom.

I apologize that the current culture doesn’t seem to understand or care about that.

But those same people sure as Hell like their freedom they just don’t give a shit about the rest of us.

I’m proud to fly an American flag over my property.

I still say God Bless America.

And in 2024, like many of you, I will be involved in this process to remove the crooks and get America back in the business of working together and taking care of each other.

God Bless.

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Cindi Vail
Cindi Vail

So many folks afraid of the progress and change That made America great to begin with... Where is your faith people?

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