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You People Amaze Me!

You People Amaze Me

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It’s amazing how one really bad moment can help restore one man’s faith in humans.

You, are part of that restoration.

You heard I lost my wallet on a trip to Texas and was struggling and you cared.

From your comments, I know you cared but I don’t think you know how much each comment, every offer for help, some of you even called friends in Texas who offered to help… all shocked, surprised and touched me deeply.

I won’t bore you with the details but we are doing what we need to do.

This blog is not about us it’s about you and the others who blessed us with actions of kindness.

The night we lost the wallet, a guy at the store were we figured out it was gone, gave us cookies.

I know, that doesn’t sound like much, but to us(later) it was a sign that he felt our pain, and found a way to say I’m sorry.

The next morning at the Dutch Bros the guy taking my order listened to my story, looked at me when I tried to pay, and said “Dude, this one is on me.”

As we’ve shared our story with strangers at the conference we’ve had offers of help.

One guy, who follows me online, told me he brought some extra cash because God told him too, and offered to give us a couple of thousand dollars.  We didn’t take it, we’re fine, but the offer was priceless and he and I are messaging back and forth.

Yep, we’re friends now and connected to a new group of God lovers and action takers.

He’s from the East coast and found me when I interviewed a friend of his on my podcast.

I’ve met several people from other places around the country, who thank me for what I do and the reason I do it.

Last night we went into this super cool town of Grapevine, Texas, met a guy at a bar, who later saw us walking to a brewery, pulled over, offered us a ride and we took it. We’re staying in an airbnb a few blocks from the convention center. It’s a nice neighborhood so we took a walk. People here are SOOOO friendly. I mean it’s unbelievable. We walked past a neighbor, who was weeding, that conversation turned into 30 minutes and almost an invitation to dinner. (that’s another story)

But let’s take this back to you.

Some of you I know, many of you I don’t.

But that didn’t matter to you.

You felt our pain, you didn’t just feel bad you offered real help.

Our world is a selfish, self-centered place, and it makes me sick.

Your simple actions were like putting in a new contact lens in my weary eye and discovering my vision was not gone just off a bit and needed focus and clarity.

Your actions restored my vision.

You are amazing.

You’ve been used by God.

You heard a small whisper in your ear and listened….but more importantly you reacted.

You took action and it matters.

Today we are skipping a few sessions to go back to the scene of the crime LOL.

We will ask one more time if the clerks at the two stores we may have lost the wallet in, found anything.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank your for listening to the creator and actually doing something.

I so appreciate……You.


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