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We Are Being Played For Fools

This Didn’t Happen Overnight

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How is it that if you love this country, fly an American Flag on your property and believe in freedom you are now considered (by a few) to be a far right, Trump loving, racist?

There’s this guy on social media who goes to college campus’ to challenge students about their beliefs.

I don’t know his name, it doesn’t really matter, the guy is a genius.

He didn’t graduate from college but knows his facts and how to use those facts to crush ignorant students who parrot fake answers given to them by college professors and bias media storylines.

In a short video he destroys the far left narrative and exposes the uselessness of a college degree in America.

As a former news reporter I watched bias slip into the business.

I remember when stories on abortion  or other controversial issues would hit the assignment desk I’d rarely be given that story but the assignment editor had no trouble giving it to a woman in our newsroom who was openly supportive of abortion.

The same thing happened with timber stories, the spotted owl and gay rights.

I remember one time our news director was out of town and somehow there was no one else to do a two part series of gay rights.

Gay rights were knew and I didn’t know how I felt about it but was open to understanding but wasn’t often given the chance to cover this because I was a Christian.

I picked a photographer who was more liberal than me to keep me honest.

We did a story on both sides of the issue and won Associated Press awards that year for that series.

The comment that surfaced from the judges over and over again was how “fair” our story turned out.

People, we are being played as fools by culture, the media and our political system.

They understand how lazy people are and know it takes a lot to get us to participate.

Heck, look how many people DON’T VOTE and aren’t even registered.

I believe we can turn this around.

I think we are being given an opportunity to first, figure out what we truly believe and second to stand up agains the rushing water of unfairness and indoctrination.

We have a choice and unfortunately apathy is still one of those choices.

I do love this country.

I love freedom as well.

That does not make me a Trump loving, far right racist…..and they know it.

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1 comentario

I sure agree that some on the far left view the American Flag as a negative. That is too bad. I also think that some on the far right believe that if you wave the American flag that equates to patriotism and you can do no wrong. For me patriotism means upholding and speaking for the ideals in the Declaration and the Constitution and the writings of the Founding Fathers. No matter what your religion or even if you are an atheist. The Constitution does not care. For me it is sad that some wave the Flag in one hand and the Bible in the other.

Me gusta
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