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It's Not Social Media's Fault

Stop Blaming Social Media

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It’s easy to blame social media for the changes in the world.

But did social media really change us or just expose us.

I’m listening to a podcast with an expert (Gary Vaynerchuk) who believes it’s the latter. (Modern Wisdom Podcast)

I find myself agreeing with him.

Keyboard warriors have always been out there.

The internet gives every person a platform.

What if social media is one of the greatest things that’s happened to us.

We are obsessed with fingers.

Everyone else is bad.

We have a lack of accountability.

Nothing is our fault.

We raised our kids to be weak and we throw up our hands and blame culture.

We are culture.

It’s easy to think things are worse now than ever before.

History tells a different story.

World Wars, the Holocaust, slavery?

I think we need a reality check.

Yes we.

Take responsibility for what’s happened, stop blaming our leaders, we put them there.

What if we stopped depending on others, government or the guy next door and took responsibility for where we’re at.

Social media is not to blame for where we are.

You and I are.

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2 Kommentare

Your fourth-from-last sentence NAILED IT.

Gefällt mir

Yep, we have become addicted and everything we don't know (and the accompanying emotional opinion) ends up on social media. We forget there is an OFF button on this confounded equipment. - M

Gefällt mir
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