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The Latest Epidemic: Ignorance

Discernment Deficiency Syndrome

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America is caught in the middle of a discernment deficiency epidemic.

This happens when you’ve been lied to so much you have no ability to understand the truth.

This syndrome is usually the result of long bouts of tyrannical rule.

People give up their rights, their freedom to think for themselves and even their ability to say no…..and this is what follows.

I’m obviously making up a name here with my tongue pressed against my cheek but the condition is real.

These folks who believe government will help them can’t see the hypocrisy or the double-standard that blinds and traps them. Eventually it consumes them.

The country is waking up and those who thirst and pay for power are scared to death.

A tide is turning. The more the afflicted claw and scrape to hold the tiny threads of power they still have left, the more they push people away.

They are bullies who are use to ruling the playground but they have a problem.

While they had their nose to the ground, scheming new ways to “get the guy they hate” a few discerning folks showed up on the playground and said no more.

Then more showed up.

Then folks on the merry-go-round wiped the gunk from their eyes and stopped playing too.

Now you’ve got a playground filled with players who understand a lie is a lie and hate is hate.

They see the bullies who profess to own the rules, don’t.

The great part of Discernment Deficiency Syndrome is, good people are usually cured.

But for the bad, well, their arrogance and stubbornness consumes them and soon not only have they lost their ability to see right from wrong, they become permanently blinded and in the end consume themselves.

What is the cure? Think for yourself and do it regularly. Also, question everything and choose your sources wisely. And lastly, fear not because fear brings on more evil.

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Couldn’t Agree More My Friend!!!

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