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Yeh, It's Called Mental Health For A Reason

The Moments That Matter Rarely Get Noticed

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I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts together to write this blog.

So many are so judgmental it causes me to second guess every word.

Last night on a live podcast several women opened up about the abuse that had haunted them their entire lives.

The conversation was not planned and I don’t even know these women, but it happened.

It was unsettling to say the least.

It tore at some scars in my own life.

I saw the Ricky in me flash into my brain.

I got a little emotional on the podcast because when you let the human out of the being, unpredictable is the best you can ask for.

I’m learning mental health is a huge issue for a lot of us in this world.

Sure, there’s a stigma that goes with it but who the Hell cares about what others think.

This is health issue and it’s not one that should be hidden.

Culture likes to pick and choose it’s hero’s.

Cultural monitors don’t want to talk about mental health.

Their hero’s are rarely found in people like us.

But I do want to talk about it.

I love understanding why I am the way I am.

Not to improve but to better understand why I do what I do and understanding it’s okay…it’s me.

I think we need to talk more about the brain, the mind, the body and the soul.

There are so many “what not to do’s” and few conversations about “What to do.”

So say things like “It will be okay, just be happy, try harder, don’t listen to them” but we who understand mental health know you have no clue.

What you don’t understand is “them” is you, “it”is us, “it” is we.

Last night three brave women dug deep and told the horrific stories of their past to a bunch of strangers.

I hope it was healing for them I know it was for me.

Yes, their words, while not my story, opened a can of worms that will not be resealed.

I saw something and I’m not the kind of guy who catches and releases big fish……

The tide moves in one direction and many of us swim against the current.

We don’t necessarily mean too but are drawn to answers not found in cultural conversations.

So here’s to the truth.

A truth that admits when things aren’t going well.

A truth that looks outside “cultural life manuals” for some answers.

And a truth that isn’t afraid to open up if it means finding one more piece of the puzzle to explain “The Why.”

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My son-in-law, Brandon Miller is a mental health/crisis councilor that recently ventured into the private practice world as a Christian Councilor. He previously worked for the Center for Wellness here in Enterprise, Oregon. He and an associate of his have been recognized with an award for their development of a program to help law enforcement officers deal with mental health issues they come across responding to calls in the field, He might make an interesting interview. - Marc

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