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God's Footstool

The Footstool of God

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There is something about being in the mountains of Montana that makes me feel closer to God.

I looked it up and google tells me “A mountain is the universal symbol of the nearness of God.”

While in Texas I realized how much I miss being in the mountains.

Don’t get me wrong, Texas is lovely, but flat just doesn’t do it for me.

My son’s dog is staying with us off-and-on this Summer while he guides fishermen up and down the Missouri River an hour or so North of where we live.

We’re taking “Annie” on lots of walks to get her used to us.

Today we found a road we’ve passed many times off what’s called “Indian Creek.”

It’s a steep road off to the left that’s closed to motorized traffic for a few more weeks.

What’s cool is the mountain sits directly across the valley from our home.

These are the peaks we wake up to every morning, and the last thing we see outside as the sun goes down.


The first thing you notice is the quiet.

Not a sound but a few birds singing as you pass by.

From on top we see the “Crazy Mountains” and tips of “Bridger Peaks” covered in snow as they rise just high enough for recognition.

(Big Belts)

There is something so pure about the air.

The scent of juniper, pine and sage sweeten it just enough to not overpower you but also transport you to another place.


Sometimes when we walk I stay a bit behind, not to be unsocial but my mind works better when clutter is allowed to disengage.

I look at the cliffs and clefts in the rock and wonder if Go

d’s finger, in an artist moment, made such displays. Or maybe, God uses nature, to crack and pull large portions of rock from the depths of the earth to show off high above the valleys.

(our home is on the top right of that large plowed area near the top of the picture)

I imagine being Moses, climbing to the highest peak and being that much closer to the creator.

While in Texas one of the things that made us smile a lot was the reaction people had when we told them we live in Montana.

They would ALWAYS say something like “oh, man, Montana?” “We want to go to Montana” “I’ve heard it’s the most beautiful place?”

We get home, relaxed and feeling the need to do nothing.

Peace is not something I find easily or that often.

I’m working on that.

Perhaps that’s why my walks in the backcountry are so meaningful.

Now it’s time for a nap…..Have a good week.

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1 Comment

What beautiful photos today! I particularly love the final one...naps are good for us! But not only the photos...I do love your commentary today in a special way. You sound so much more relaxed than you have in the past. I believe the Lord is at work...

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