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Why Does Montana Make People Cry?

Why Does Montana Make People Cry?

Sponsored by Montana Oral Surgeons & Implant Center

I’m not sure why it is that this one simple question I ask of so many, brings tears to their eyes.

A few months ago, I interviewed a doctor at Montana Oral Surgeons & Implant Center and when I asked “Why Montana?” his eyes watered up, his demeanor changed, he was truly touched.

Recently I went back to interview Dr Bernadette Wilson, and she did the same thing.

Yeh, the same question.

Kathy and I have lived here two years and I get it.

People come here because they want to.

It’s not easy living in extremes but it sure creates and openness and an honesty money can’t buy.

Answers always include the big sky, the huge mountains, the water, lakes, river and hunting and fishing.

But I think, as you see in the interview, there’s a magic here that grabs you, holds you, and reminds you what real life feels like.

Finding those moments when times seems to stand still and trouble stay their distance, is what I love about interviewing people.

I think in my life as a reporter/anchor at a television station in Oregon I probably interviewed over 10k people in my career.

Not everyone wants to be interviewed.

But once you start, as was with Dr Wilson, something inside them comes alive.

It’s a moment when you see who they truly are and can’t believe God creates such amazing people.

This interview with Dr Wilson is for the Surgeons website but it’s so good and filled with stories and deep moments, I think anyone and everyone will enjoy the deep dive and the exploration.

Maybe we should do more of this sort of thing.

Let the networks and big shots handle the Hollywood interviews and you and I will concentrate on real people.

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Wallowa County folk react similarly. Every morning I thank God that He brought us here as I look upon the mountains and the landscape......and marvel at His creation. - M

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