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Who Says Weeds Don't Belong?

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Who Decides When A Flower Is A Weed?

Who is it that decides a weed is a weed not a flower?

I know there’s a technical answer but I’m looking for something deeper.

Why is a dandelion less attractive or worthy to be considered a flower in our yard but instead a weed that needs to be exterminated?

In the wild God let’s the weeds be some of the most beautiful flowers in His garden, yet when these creations turn up in our yard we work diligently to kill them.

I often feel like a wild flower. Yes, too much of me can choke out others. So, yes, weeds probably need to be control, but exterminated?

In nature these “weeds” don’t take away from the beauty but add to the delight.

I wonder what God thinks of the weeds and our desire to “get rid of them?”

What if God created the “weeds” to keep us on our toes?

Perhaps a “weeds” purpose is to balance.

I’d put any weed up against the “acceptable flowers” in terms of what they to do color the landscape and brighten the world we live in, but that’s me.

Kathy and I have a yard for the first time in 25 years. We didn’t plant it the former owners did so we have no clue what is a weed or a flower.

Personally some of the plants deemed weeds, I think, are as pretty if not more beautiful than the acceptable flowers.

Kathy and I were mountain biking in the wilderness yesterday and out there weeds have room to grow and no one is there to tell them they don’t belong.

I wonder why, as humans, we feel the need to label flowers, weeds, valuable verses a problem.

Who are we to decide?

Makes you think huh?

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What God plants is lovely. If I decide I want something different in my yard I can plant it there or elsewhere. God planted me where I am. I might be a weed to somebody else, but I'm also a flower to some folk. In the end, it's most important to me that I bloom where I'm planted. That's probably what all the plants do best.

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

THank you


Good question for an agronomist or garden specialist or landscaper. However, we kinda do the same thing with people...


I've learned over the years that many weeds are medicinal and edible. They are an important part of permaculture and also help restore and hold the soil. Our ancestors knew a lot about these plants and their value. I wonder how we lost that knowledge?

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