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When Did Hate Become Normal?

When Did Hate Grab Hold?

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I don’t write a lot about my feelings about politics and culture. Oh, it’s a topic I pay plenty of attention to but the anger, hate and visceral reaction from some, is something I am intolerant of and would rather avoid.

But I’m going to dig in just a little and if it offends you, that is your choice.

When did hate grab hold? What has happened to us that we can’t even have a conversation without someone who normally hides behind the giant chip on their shoulder, decides it’s time to peak around the corner and throw stones?

We live in a country that used to preach tolerance and headlines were made of hate crimes and slander. Those same people are on the streets of our nation, ignorantly slamming our Jewish brothers and sisters and claiming to have compassion on their side. I was watching a NAZI war crime movie the other day and was haunted by how similar conditions seem right now. Oh, the haters don’t see it remember they are so consumed with compassion for terrorists and hate they are numb to what they are doing. They claim to have “studied” the situation and ignore who started this war and instead side with an organization that is focused on one thing…HATE.

I had a guy come on a live show I did last night and when asked why I left Oregon I told the truth. We could not live under the tyranny and stupidity of Governor Kate Brown and her minions. The politics and ridiculousness got to be too much. The next thing I know this guy is calling me a MAGA Trump Lover.

Really? That’s all he has?

Okay, Trump was a better president than Joe Biden but that doesn’t mean I love the guy.

As for “Making America Great Again” I’d like that.

To be a nation of prosperity rather than poverty seems like a good thing to me, but then who am I?

I challenged him back.

He then told me he would accept my answer if I admitted to his idea that the 2020 midterm elections were fake.


Like I need his acceptance. He wants me to bow to his beliefs…..isn’t that called narcissism? Yes it is.

I told him I will not play your game, we do not talk politics on this broadcast and I’m blocking you because you are so filled with hate. The audience cheered. People are tired of this sort of bullying and arrogance and if you are still playing that game, it’s about over for you.

Montana isn’t perfect. The adjustment is not easy. But I haven’t had to put up with that kind of crap or the mean looks from people who are still wearing masks, holding their heads high, virtue signaling every chance they get and failing to research their ignorance to know….it doesn’t work, it never worked, they got taken for a ride and refuse to get off.

People are starting to wake up and woke down. When you get outside the Pacific Northwest they are angered by what’s going on with the anti-jewish rallies. Oh, I know you call them something else but we all know what it is and deep down inside so do you.

If a party or leader needs tyranny and authoritarianism to survive, he or she won’t. It’s a sign of evil and good always wins. Truth is not a meter we each get to decide for ourselves, God decides, and culture is on the wrong side in a big way.

2024 is not going to be pleasant but truth seeking rarely is. As more an more information comes out about our president, people need to pay attention not stick their heads in the sand. We understand you made a mistake but fess up to it so we can all get past this horrible time and get back to talking with each other.

I do live broadcasts on TikTok now too. The other night we had 18k people from all over the world talking civilly about life, death, dreams and passions. People want to be heard. People want a voice they can use. People want to connect again.

The reaction to the pandemic did so much harm to our culture. I know, some of you still think there was a valid reason but you are wrong. In the end, the damage caused is unmeasurable but we are seeing the ramifications right now. But the world is not going to stay wrapped in fear. You can but from what I’m seeing people want their lives back.

I’m so hopeful each time I jump online with a group of folks not trapped in a region where fear prevails. Oh, there are many there who see the light but the darkness tries and manages to silence them. That’s about to end.

I read this verse in the Bible the other day. Yes, the Bible.

“When you walk through the waters, I’ll be with you.

You will never sink beneath the waves.

When the fire is burning all around you,

You will never be consumed by the flames.

Do not be afraid I have redeemed you.”

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3 תגובות

History shows us that when we fail to follow Gods Word we fall into Satan's snare of selfishness and hate. Bottom line regarding this extreme happened when our leadership and country turned its back on God and decided to pursue our own "wisdom". - M


So, in order to "get back to talking with each other", we all just need to agree that Rick Dancer, purveyor of such truths as "the kids are defecating in litterboxes!", is correct about everything and we're all sorry for being stupid and wrong. He checked in his information bubble and they agree so it must be true!

I do thank you for recent conversion to being concerned about anti-Semitism. It would have been nice back when our "better president" was meeting with Holocaust deniers Nick Fuentes and Kanye West at his personal residence, but better late than never. I'll let the various Jewish groups for peace know that they, deep down, are anti-Jewish, I guess.

I would caution you…


07 בדצמ׳ 2023

I sure agree that 2024 is not going to be pleasant. I sure wish hate and hate speech and hate behaviors would cease.

Sadly hate has been common if not normal for hundreds of years here in America and the colonies before that. You have read enough history to understand that, I think. Native Indians v settlers; Loyalists v Patriots; hate of immigrants, be they Irish, Chinese or Latino; Hate of slaves, freed Negroes during Reconstruction.

And we have a candidate for President who calls his opponents "Vermin." This is the man, who as President refused to condemn the anti-Jewish hate at Charlottesville in 2017. He is one of those normalizing hate. None of this is Christian.

When you say…

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