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We'll Never Be The Same, You Woke Us Up.

We’ll Never Be The Same, You Woke Us Up

Something shifted in our country.

This shift didn’t just happen with a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court surrounding abortion.

At the time I didn’t see it but in hindsight this shift started decades ago.

The more liberal perspective started to take hold years ago.

In Oregon, where I was born, to counter that culture with a more moderate or conservative ideology, grew harder and harder to do.

We heard about tolerance and giving everyone a voice but in reality the opposite is more true.

As the more liberal perspective turned more radical and out of touch(not just my opinion) with where people are at, to speak out against the narrative was cause for censorship and public pressure to silence you.

The reaction to COVID is the straw that broke the camels back.

People on all sides of the political and social spectrum realized the control they had given up and the resistance quietly began to surface.

We realized how much we had to hold back in order to keep the peace and being lockdown far too long gave people a new courage to say “Hell No” and stand up against the political theater, the lying and the bullying.

We also learned through the covid reaction that the media could no longer be trusted.

They were uninformed, saw only one narrative fed to them from the very sources they were supposed to play watchdog over and had turned into a giant public relations firm for those in power.

As the pendulum swung, tension grew and here we are split and at odds with people we once called friends.

Another problem that plays into all of this is the super majority in the Oregon legislature. The power of that group means they don’t have to listen to those who disagree with them and they know it. The problem for them is there are now more disenfranchised voters than there are of them.

Now throw in the current administration, rising gas prices, inflation, stock market ups and downs and an awakening of the voiceless and you have the perfect storm.

When you hold power over those who disagree with you eventually those people will tire of your tactics and revolt.

Until we find some balance, consistency and fairness in our system the instability will continue to haunt us.

Haunting often wakes up the sleepy and the dead and that is the greatest fear for those in charge…they don’t want us to wake up.

You held us down and pushed too hard.

We awoke and now you have to consider us in the conversation.

You probably won’t see that for a while and because you don’t will lose more ground than you should.

We need to be a people who can disagree on issues without making the “other side” our enemy.

In my 63 years on this planet I’ve learned compromise is much harder than it should be and to win is really not a win at all.

Truth matters and manipulation always catches up to the manipulator.

Consider yourself caught and we aren’t going back into the box of silence.

We will be part of this conversation.

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