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We All Changed

We All Changed

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I hear a lot these days about how much I’ve changed since I was on the news.

The last newscast I did was 2008 so I hope I’ve changed.But what my critics fail to see is that they too have changed.

We all changed.

Almost overnight a division was created between those who follow and those who don’t.

In that same moment, it seems, we gave up our freedoms for safety but as it turned out it was ruse.

Two major fear factors opened those doors.

Your fear of Donald Trump which is see as a fear of change.

And your fear of the pandemic.

Now we have these camps.

Instead of talking we label.

Rather than discussion people bully.

Actually it’s not a surprise, the same techniques were used to control us and for some it worked.

Humans tend to follow patterns and a scary one was established during the pandemic.

I write about all sorts of things but some of you only see this sort of topic.

So you say things like, “this is all you talk about.”

Perhaps it’s all you are interested in because those who follow my pages know that is not true.

Silence doesn’t work.

I’m a strong believer is speaking up and that has not changed since I found my voice in my 20’s.

I spent much of my early life in a prison of voicelessness.

Then I discovered my voice, like yours, mattered.

Culture lost me long ago.

The pandemic pushed me outside the lines and you want me to go back and color like the nice kids.

Well, that’s not gonna happen.

You’ve lost control of the conversation and I’m not going back.

I discovered cultural lines are arbitrary and designed to keep the sheep in the pen.

When I look out at this big beautiful world I don’t see fences but gates.

Rick Dancer is a guy who will open as many as possible to free the sheep.

What scares you is there are many like me and we are opening and moving through cultures arbitrary gates.

You are right I changed and I know it.

The problem for you is, you changed too and are starting to figure it out.

Don’t blame the messenger.

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I am surprised you are not afraid of Trump.

He is an election denier-despite dozens of judges (many he appointed) ruling against him. Have you read "Lost not Stolen, the conservative case." One of the co-authors is Gordon Smith of Oregon.

He told Sean Hannity he would be a dictator-find it on You Tube.

He has spoken horribly about women-grabbing their private parts, and was found guilty of sexual assault. (He still maintains he is a Christian. ???)

He makes fun of the disabled. Aren't you buddies with at least one person with disabilities and isn't Alford Taylor House a sponsor? Why don't you, Rick, condemn this?

He befriends neo-Nazi's and Holocaust deniers. (Ye and Nick Fuentes.) Rick, do you…

Replying to

Sorry you don't see that. One only has to read Gods Word (especially the Ten Commandments and Jesus's words on immorality) then look at what values many faiths are abandoning to comply or fit in with the world's views and behaviors.


Fear is the oldest and most successful human control device known. " The only thing you have to fear, is fear itself". So true. I have found that those that walk with God fear little, as they find strength in Him. - M


Amazing how everyone forgot toilet paper was not to be found in any store in any state. But to call it a fear-based illusion and forget about the morgue trucks in Florida and Texas is kind of scary..

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