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Watch What You Say

Watch What You Tell Yourself (not published)

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There’s a great line in the Bible that says something like “Life & Death is in the Power of the Tongue.”

So what does that mean?

You can speak good things into your life or bad so watch what you say.

I’m venturing out into a new branch of my career by providing what I would call “Life Strategy Coaching” to clients.

We all get stuck in our heads or have attitudes that paralyze us from finding what makes us who we are and I’m good at spotting those in other people. (not in myself)

On a recent visit to Mexico we became friends with a woman from Boston who coaches people. In a conversation she said “you know you ask questions like I do.”

I walked away thinking, “gosh, maybe I could do that for people?”

I get home and tell my business friend Jeannie Steel that story. She gets all excited because she’s reading a book about coaches and thought “Rick should be doing this for people.”

I walked back into my office, pulled up my email and here is a woman from Eugene asking if I ever do coaching with people she needs some help?

I looked up online what coaches charge, told Jeannie, she said, tell me the number in your head right now, not the one you read online. I gave her the number, wrote the potential client back, gave the number and she said okay.

I now have three clients ready to go.

During many of those conversations with Jeannie she would correct me when I said things like “I think I’m going to do coaching” or “I hope this happens.”  It was at that moment I realize how often I give myself an out in case I fail.  I’m not using the words “Trying” or “hoping” anymore. Instead I speak as though it’s already happened because in many respects it has.

Listen to your own voice. How often do you speak life into your projects, life or relationships and how often do you speak death?It matters.

Life and Death truly is in the power of your tongue.

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1 Comment

I’ve been thinking about your previous post and how Oregon has changed. It has! Some ways not for the better. I lean left and I agree with you. I, too , get furious at the debris from homeless people. A big part of my anger is that our government and society as a whole has not solved this problem.

Jesus would have waded right in and helped people. Why don’t we follow his example? Don’t you hate that?

One thing that is better in Oregon as far as changes go is that the KKK is not a powerful organization as it was a century ago. Aren’t we happy with that? And Bach then through the 1950’s ‘sundown’ laws helped run…

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