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Up Is Down and Down Is Up(Finding Our Way To The Surface)

For some of us it feels like the world is just crazy.

What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.

Words have no meaning.

Truth is fictional.

Lies don’t seem to matter if it bolsters your position.

What was once illegal is now legal and vice-versa.

We have a drug problem in this country so we legalize more drugs.

Gas prices are the highest ever in history and yet our government is selling oil to other countries.

Inflation is through the roof.

Economist believe we are already in a recession and yet our president and his followers (which are few according to the polls) continue to pretend the economy is better now than under our last president.

It’s like our culture dumped us in a giant washing machine and hit the spin cycle over and over again.

We’re trying to clean up but miss the first two cycles in the process because we skip to spin.

The lines between right and wrong don’t blur overnight.

We had our head faced downward or buried too long and when we looked up, the damage was done.

But I think we’re near the bottom.

People are waking up.

Pinching their pocketbooks is like splashing cold water on their faces.

What blows me away is as the pendulum starts to swing back the fickle and folly grows more ridiculous and the blind, if blindness can get worse, does.

When going through therapy in my 30s the therapist said “Rick, you can’t trust your feelings alone to make decisions. You must balance feelings with information.”

I believe this is where culture is failing.

We are a nation of feelers.

A “gut check” used to have value.

But for many the gut is skipped and instead decisions go straight to the heart and never make it to the brain.

It takes a heart, soul and mind to truly live well.

We preach kindness and yet watch some of the responses to my thoughts.

We claim tolerance but are anything but.

I know some of you get mad when I tout the rural way of life.

But people outside the big cities seem to have less time to feel and more time to think about repercussions.

You know, for every action there is a reaction?

People who work hard to make ends meet understand when something isn’t working you STOP.

Making excuses and moving forward in failure is not an option when there is no one to pick up the pieces.

Have a great weekend.

America is on the mend.

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