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It's All About The Adventure

Adventure Is Costly

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Pioneers came to the mountains of Montana in search of adventure.

Have we lost our ability to dream, strive and leave everything we have in order to find our lives?

Or are we settlers, settling for whatever is given to us?

When God came to Moses with a plan to use him to lead God’s people to freedom from tyranny, the cost was great.

They had to leave the familiar, even though it was slavery, to wander in the wilderness for forty years.

When God came to Abram, to tell him he would become the father of a great nation, Abram had a comfortable life but God called him to a great adventure and the cost was tremendous.

Kathy and I watched the movie “Unsung Hero”, a true story about a family that lost everything.

There is one scene in the movie where the family is bankrupt, they are cleaning neighbors toilets to make money.

When everything you’ve learned to count on disappears or is dragged from and out of you, all you can do is start over.

The guy falls into a deep depression where he can’t even get out of bed.

Have you ever been that low?

I’ve been close.

The best way for me to get myself out of that funk is to workout or get out into nature.

Nature and exertion clears my head and gets me back in the game.

I’ve had a lot of personal stuff coming up lately.

Nothing you need to worry about but a grinding of hurts and the resurfacing of some things that go way back, is currently part of my now.

We went on a 20 mile mountain bike ride yesterday morning.

Kathy and I usually don’t talk a lot on bike rides but yesterday we kept pulling over to share what was going on in our life.

Then, Jess brought his dog over and we went on a hike in one of the most gorgeous canyons in our area, Avalanche Gulch. Annie (the dog) will be living with us for awhile so you might hear a lot about her in the coming blogs.

The canyon is filled with a herd of Mountain Goats and they were all over the area.

Combine that with the canyon and you’ve got the remedy for just about anything.

Kathy and I are on the brink of another new adventure.

Adventures mean letting go of the rope.

Allowing things we count on to not count anymore.

God pulls up some of our anchor’s so we get to depend on things we don’t understand, things that are beyond our understanding.

Our nation is also on an adventure of a lifetime.

Will we reclaim her or bury our heads and allow culture to run over us?

Adventure is uncomfortable and there will be moments of great pain.

What will you choose to do?

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