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Untold Timber Stories

The Untold Stories

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It’s odd being back in a state you spent most of your life in.

We left two years ago, it was time.

I’m back shooting video and visiting clients.

I produce a series called “The Truth About Timber” to help change the bias and untrue narrative that the environmental community has created around the Timber Industry.

What you learn as a journalist is there is always more than one side of a story.

What I see is for too long the environmental community has owned that conversation and much of it is inaccurate so we’re trying to change that.

When you get out in rural Oregon there are so many untold stories.

Families and communities that are not being heard and lawmakers, who are doing the popular thing, and in the process of being gutless, destroying something we desperately need…wood products.

So many lies about the industry, so many.

In this series we expose those lies and show viewers willing to look at the truth, the fact that managing and cultivating timber is THE most sustainable way to build our future.

Anyway, I love doing this because, sure it makes some people upset.

When you’ve owned a conversation or discover you were lied to, it’s hard to change your message.

But what really excites me is the number of people who are willing to look at facts and leave the fiction to the best sellers isle.   

Anyway, it’s good to be back in Oregon but sad in some ways too.

We know we don’t belong here anymore.

Love the people, love the country, love the land.

But the politics and one-sided vision……makes me sick.

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I remain confused. I enjoy your pieces, but why is it that on some days you ask us to come together and on others-today-you bash those you don't agree with? I do not see how this will work with a new career in life/business coaching or whatever you call it. As I have mentioned, I grew up in a family whose income came from timber and related products. At that time, my father said there are many points of view that are legitimately derived from the same facts. He was a conservative Republican, but open to listening to all points of view.

In terms of 'hate.' You criticize people who 'hate' -particularly Trump- but your words border on the hateful.…


Good to have you shining the light and telling the other side. - M

Replying to

I surely agree that all sides must have an airing.

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