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Time To Get Healthy America

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A National Cry For Healthier Living

Sounds like COVID is coming back, which we all knew it was not going away.

But what also may be back is our national fear mongering and lockdowns.

We know masks don’t work.

We know vaccines don’t stop you from getting the virus.

So why go back down that road?

A nurse from Oregon wrote me and said her hospital put mask requirements back in place because they have two, two COVID cases.

What we know for sure is those at greatest risk of dying of COVID are those with multiple other health issues.

Conditions like heart trouble, lung issues, Obesity I think was number one and the list goes on.

So, I ask, where is the national campaign to help get the country healthy?

Not a word.



Just like the last time.

That alone should raise the hair on the back of your neck as you ask why not?

Instead they always push masks, vaccines and boosters, not something that actually reduces people’s risk factors.

We’d rather line the pockets of big pharma than do the hard work of changing America’s lifestyle and get our nation truly resistant to any virus, by getting healthy.

Think big picture. What would that do to healthcare costs in this country?

I’m sure big pharma wouldn’t want that to happen nor would the politicians who line their pockets with money from that group for their campaigns.

If people are so concerned about contracting the virus and we know the vaccine and the masks won’t stop it, why not be so afraid you actually change your lifestyle?

Stop eating processed foods, get off the sofa and walk around the block, lose weight, get your heart healthy, join a gym….do something other than take a pill and hope it works.

Our laziness makes us not only susceptible to disease it also gives us reason to be so fearful we’ll do whatever the government tells us too. That also is a disease, one called apathy.

It’s time we stop the madness and get serious about health care in this country. This is a great opportunity.

I know there are some with issues that starting now may not be enough. Those folks may need to take extra precautions. But for the rest of us why not try something real. Why not take this opportunity to stop making excuses and listen to that little voice in your head rather than the government spewing more lies, more tyranny and more bad advice.

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