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Time For Some Fair Play

What Happened To Playing Fair?

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Growing up my parents were big on playing fair.

Sometimes to the point of obnoxiousness.

So it bugs the hell out of me when I see or hear about cheaters.

I hear a lot of talk about “threats to democracy.”

Number one, we aren’t a democracy we are a republic and people need to do a little homework or reading to understand the difference.

But let’s just stay with democracy.

How is a democracy to start taking people’s names off the ballot?

If you were a true believer in democracy you’d let the names go on the ballot and let the people decide.

But fear has capture your heart, soul and your mind so you could give a damn about democracy and will easily rob people of their right to vote for who they want.

You are so afraid of one man and believe he has plans to take away our democracy but you have no problem leaving behind the founding documents and process in the constitution because it’s inconvenient to your end game.

The very democracy you claim he will destroy, you are already destroying with your process, or lack there of.

You are desperate and believe the American people are stupid and will buy into your game but we aren’t and your candidate’s poll numbers reflect that which brings on more fear for you and your desperate tactics begin to tattle on you.

It’s so obvious what you are doing and while slow, people are starting to figure you out.

It’s time for the playground monitor to blow the whistle and put you in a timeout for unfair play.

If you really are concerned about democracy, prove it and let us decide and stop meddling in the election, yes the very thing you accuse mr T of doing.

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I don't understand why Rick thinks that his recent revelation that we are a republic is such a gotcha. Maybe it's because I'm the son of an immigrant who had to help his dad take the citizenship test or maybe it's because I graduated high school, but this is a well known fact. We have representatives who carry out the business of government, but they are either elected democratically or they are appointed be an elected representative. That is the democracy that people are worried about losing.

I also don't know when Rick, who used to champion "Law and Order" when it came to those without homes or immigrants all of the sudden decided that laws are merely suggestions when…


By definition, a republic is a representative form of government that is ruled according

to a charter, or constitution, and a democracy is a government that is ruled according

to the will of the majority. Although these forms of government are often confused,

they are quite different. The main difference between a republic and a democracy is

the charter or constitution that limits power in a republic, often to protect the

individual's rights against the desires of the majority. That is why our constitution is so important and a Essen to what our forefathers wanted for our country...individual rights.


Well Rick, you and I have different views of fair play.

The usual dictionary definition of democracy is "government by the people. " " The supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representatives involving periodically held free elections."

This is what we have. Arguing about this vs having a Republic is tangential to whether Trump is a danger to American Democracy or the American Republic, whichever you chose.

Just because someone wants to be on the Presidential ballot, does not mean they can. A foreign born, naturalized citizen cannot. Someone 21 year old cannot.And many of us believe that (like the 2 examples previously) Trump has violated the Constitution…

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