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They Let The Lion Out!

They Let The Lion Out

Politics is such an interesting game.

Power is the name of the game.

Controlling the message and money is the lifeblood that solidifies the power.

But when you overplay your hand and push too hard, you can screw the whole thing up.

That’s what happened (in my humble opinion).

People naturally don’t want to get involved and the political types understand that about us, better than we do actually.

If they can keep us in the dark and give us little reason to question, we are easily manipulated.

But once the house of cards begins to fall the lies pile up and the only people still buying the BS fizzle away or get less talkative, let’s say.

I heard a commentator on the radio sum it up to ignorance. If you only listen to brand “X” media you probably don’t know the sticky web of lies piling up outside the White House.

People aren’t stupid, gullible yes, but stupid no. When you’re paying the most for gas ever, when inflation deflates your family budget to the point you are choosing which bills to pay, the current administrative “speak” is lifeless. They can drum up all kinds of “issues” and “deflection” but we aren’t buying anymore we’re looking for relief, answers and someone with an idea that works not just blames someone else.

Latest polls put the current administration’s approval rating at 30%…..30%.

That small number of people may continue to regurgitate the company line and blame anyone but Joe for the problems but the rest of the country is catching on.

When does it change? How much more will people buy of this?

Who knows but until we all begin to look for the inconsistencies in messaging and focus on results rather than what comes out of the mouths of the P.R. machine, nothing will change.

Obviously people are listening, at least 70% of us are.

They pushed too hard and let the lion out.

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