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The So Called Fact Checkers

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

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Stop Asking About My Research & Do Your Own

The Pseudo Fact Checkers

One of the things my adversaries often do when I offer a statistic or piece of information is a rundown of who said it, where I found it, they say that can’t be true and on and on.

I’ve dealt with this for years working in media in Oregon.

It’s a technique designed to discredit people who think…..differently.

Rather than dig in and look around for what you are saying, they ask you to recite every number and when you don’t, they feel like the winner.

When you do give sources, nine times out of ten, those sources aren’t good enough for them or they came from a source they don’t trust….because they only trust those sources that tickle their ears.

It’s a technique aimed at gaining control of the conversation.

On social media if I tiptoe into any of the “dark areas” (deemed dark by the company fact checkers) my content is either taken down, throttled so no one see’s it and my adversaries praise both actions as protection from misinformation.

Then, they determine since they never see any of this “alternate information” that is must be disinformation.

It’s maddening.

They base their world view on censored information but never consider for a moment they are being controlled.

Oh, they’ll tell you it’s fact checking, watch the comments, but facts are based on beliefs these day and even if you had every periodical in the world backing your statement, they’d find something wrong.

How often do you read or hear something from multiple sources but don’t remember for sure if it was Time Magazine or the online version of brand X News?

What this is designed to do is shutdown conversations and it’s highly effective.

People buy into a narrative and stick with it to the bitter end.

Liars on both sides of the issues could care less about truth they just want to be right.

So what are you and I to do?

Check things out that you read online, hear on the radio and especially that which comes spewing out of your TV on the evening news, if you are still watching that sh-t show.

And when the debater ask for your footnotes just understand this conversation is going nowhere.

They don’t want to hear your side or look for common ground.

They just want to win.

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