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The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

There’s a breeze blowing through the mountains, the valley’s and over the plains in America.

Like the Fall season quickly approaching, You can feel change in the air.

Things are dying that need to die so that when the time is right new growth can flourish.

Fall is the beginning of that pruning process preparing us for the Dead of Winter, when nature stifles the weak making room for the strong to survive in the Spring.

Right & Wrong

There is a lot wrong in the world right now.

Right and Wrong seem to be interchangeable.

Lies are socially approved as long as it helps the liar reach their end goal.

It seems we’d have no standard if we didn’t have such double-standards.

The Fear

Our world wants us to live in fear but we’re told by our creator that fear brings more evil and the vicious circle is created.

A Quick Story

Kathy and I were at a gift shop in a touristy town yesterday and these three little kids about 7, 8 and 9 started showing us these dinosaurs and other toys. They were so excited to share and Kathy and I just played along because it was interaction and that’s what humans do.

Their mom walked into the area and the first thing out of her mouth was “Why are you kids talking to strangers?” Then she looks at us and says with this snotty look “no offense.”

Hey I understand stranger danger and teaching our kids to be aware but is this where we are at as a people?

Could you not wait until you get out of the store to correct/educate your kids but instead you are so afraid you make a scene right there in the store?

We were embarrassed for the kids and the woman and so were the others in the store.

The Result

The past two years fear was used, unnecessarily to control the mass’ and now people don’t seem to know how to shake it.

Shootings and violence is on the rise as mental illness soars a result, I think, of the lockdowns.

In addition the headlines continue to push fear.

Everything has to be a drama.

If they can keep us in fear over ridiculous things they can quietly push their agenda in the dark hallways of deception.

The Hope

What is so awesome about living in the United States is we do still, yes still, have choices. We are free to live in the fear our leaders seem to have to create to get elected or we can choose to live knowing that our Creator is in charge.

We need to speak up and vote out those who lie, cheat and steal and elect people who still live without fear.

The current story is crumbling.

The narrative just doesn’t make sense, it never did we just stay silent as to avoid causing waves. What did we get? A tidal wave and now it’s our job to pull the plug, change course and get back to righteousness.

A Choice

After the embarrassing strange danger mom it was nice to end our night at a little bar in downtown Townsend. It’s not a fancy place and it’s no place the “Sunriver Tourist Crowd” is going to flock to.

But as we were ready to leave “Tom” leaned over and said “you two look new here what’s your story?”

We’ll be seeing Tom, David and Ingrid again I’m sure.

Take Action

It’s high time we get back to seeing each other as people, not the enemy or someone to be afraid of. But in order to do so we’re going to have to change leadership, clean house and get rid of those who see fear as their tool

We will not be controlled by stupidity or selfishness and I truly believe we can change this.

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