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The Untold Story Behind the Thurston High School Shooting.

The Story Behind The Thurston High School Shooting 1998

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May 21st 1998 the lives of myself and many others who lived in Springfield Oregon at the time, were never the same.

A student walked into the Thurston High School Cafeteria, opened fire, killing two students and injuring two dozen more.

It was later discovered he had also murdered his parents Bill & Faith Kinkel.

The killer had an older sister, Kristen, who had never spoke publicly about her brother or what happened…..until now.

My career hinged on this story.

It changed everything about the way I wrote, reported and cared about the people and place I lived.

The article is in the New Yorker.

I highly recommend you read it.

As a former journalist understanding all aspects of a story, especially something this big, is important.

I feel like a bit more closure will follow the reading of it.

It was a horrible day for all of us…..All of us.

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