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The Truth About Greatness

The Truth About Greatness

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The world gives us a foggy, less than truthful measure of greatness.

We see people make their mark on Youtube and “bang” they’re rich and somewhat famous.

A Hollywood star gets the right part and “Bingo” they are among the chosen.

But is that really greatness or a fleeting moment that dissolves when an even bigger YouTuber comes along?

The challenges we each face today are our roadmap to greatness.

The unseen holes in our lives, filled with false hope and covered with fake smiles and coping mechanisms designed to hide what feels too hard to overcome.

It is easy to keep putting off the “hard thing.”

When God starts to unveiled the veiled our habit is to duck and cover not dig and discover.

I wonder how much energy we waste finding ways around our issues and how much less we’d expend on such issues if we took a moment to be silent and walked into the dark cave?

In my “Streams in the Desert” this morning it worded it this way”

“The hardest things are not those the world knows of. Down in your secret soul, unseen and unknown by any but God, there is a little trial you would dare not mention, that is harder for you to bear than martyrdom. Their beloved lies your crown. God help you overcome, and sometimes wear it.”

Look forward, it’s right there in front of you.

I know, I stand there too, wondering do I dare pierce the darkness with light…today.

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