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The Stillness Is Tough To Find

Find The Calm

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At the center of every storm is a calm spot.

In the middle of a spinning wheel is a place that never moves.

In any good piece of music or speech, a pause builds momentum and drama.

And yet in life, God builds pauses into the script, pauses many of us including me, fail to take.

God dwells in the quiet spots.

He doesn’t need fanfare or a Youtube page to make Him more viable.

He’s patient and waits for us to take the time.

Sometimes, He offers encouragement by allowing us to trip, fall or get all wrapped up in the latest happening in history.

He offers sunrises and sunsets to wake us up or calm us down.

The deer in the fields outside the window are there to remind us that we will always be taken care of.

In the stillness and quietness is a sweet peace which can not be offended.

As this year ends and another begins I wonder what is on the horizon.

I am not a puppet manipulated by a God from above.

I’m His creation and He has a plan for my life.

But I need to be still, still to hear the smallest of voices in the noise of chaos and world events.

I need to be still to find me and to know how to connect with you and others like you.

I need to be still…..and know that He is God.

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