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The Small Light in the Darkness

Found In The Darkness

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Long ago when I was in my thirties and having trouble finding myself, a friend gave me a book called “Streams in the Desert.” It’s a devotional with verses from the Bible and stories to read each day.

Side note: The copy we have is from the 50’s. We looked it up online and found it is worth close to $500 dollars. There are newer versions available but the old writing, for me, is better and less modern.


My favorite story falls on December 13th. It is about the famous lace shops in Brussels. They have rooms devoted to the spinning of the finest most delicate patterns. These rooms are completely dark accept for a tiny bit of light that shines in on the pattern itself. There is only one spinner in the room and only the finest products are used, shone only in that tiny stream of light.

As I read the headlines this morning calling for doom-and-gloom in the coming year, I’m reminded how life is also like that lace shop.

In many ways we each sit in that tiny, dark room, with very little light shining on the “thing” we are asked to create, our story.

The world tells us we need to know more, to experience much and to shine in the light.

When in reality much of our  lives are hidden in darkness, exposed only a bit, as our creator molds us into something beautiful.

It is difficult to not get caught up in the heavy, cultural stream. It’s hard not to want to open the door and expose more light onto our lives to get a better view of what’s happening. But to do so spoils not only the process but exposes too much and in the end destroys the fine work of our heavenly Father.

So my prayer is as we head into 2024 we keep our focus on the end of that tiny light. That when temptation would have us slam open the door to the light we would hold our tongue and grip patience with everything we have.

We must understand the work that happens in the darkness.

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1 Comment

Rick, this may be your best, most important, and truth-telling post yet. I long for more. Thank you for the words, and the photograph. It is a "hold in my hands, my pocket, my heart" post, and I do and will.

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