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The Silence Is Broken

Walking A Lonely Path With God

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Try to imagine what it would be like to not be able to speak.

Now, add to that you know things, have likes and desires, and your brain prevents them from reaching the place in your brain where you can articulate them?

I met such a man in a video the other day and last night talked with his father and two amazing speech experts, who’ve discovered a way for this 17 year old to communicate.

What they found is a person trapped in a body that’s working against itself.

For 17 years Jack has listened, read, learned and digested information but had no one to let the outside world know he was trapped in this body that didn’t work like others.

You can see this interview on our podcast which drops Thursday the 21st at 6pm MT.

Jack’s story got me thinking.

How many of us have ideas, likes, passions or thoughts we can’t share with those around us. In our case it’s not our bodies that prevent us from communicating it’s our fear of hurt, retribution or retaliation that mutes us.

Perhaps like Jack we need a therapy, some help, a new method to clear those passageways giving way to dialog we long to speak.

The problem is, we don’t want it badly enough, at least in my case I think that’s the problem.

Change sounds all well and good but when it comes to doing what it takes to find or experience that change, few are willing to pay the price. We don’t want to upset the “peace” by talking about the deep things in our soul.

Change means you will lose things, people, places, stature, comfort.

Change means hours of learning a new way of thinking, alternate patterns of communication and damn hard work.

Most people stop when the loneliness sets in.

They give up when friends disappear, when people start talking badly about them or when their new life is challenged by those who wish to stay back and holding you back means they don’t have to change either.

Here’s to Jack, his family and his therapy team.

I salute this young man who in his special way of communicating is teaching us, or at least me, to use the voice that I have because voices can easily be stifled by culture and more often by our own insecurities.

I will never look the same way at someone the world pronounces “silent” the same way.

And I will not take my voice for granted.

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1 Komentar

I just seen a documentary on this young man. Fascinating and very touching. Just how many other

people have the same issue, and it is undiagnosed. To think of the frustration, he may have felt all those years. Unbelievable!! Thank God they found a solution. Such intelligence. A lessen to all of

us that times we need to be silent and listen to what is going on around us.

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