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The Rough And Rocky Road

The Rough And Rugged Places Protect Us.

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A young woman drowning in sorrow asks God why things are so difficult.

She wants her life to be smooth and comfortable.

God tells her a story.

When the earth was young the plains were wide and open.

He wanted flowers to color the landscape so he told the birds to scatter the seeds, which they did.

Some sprouted but others were blown away because there was nothing to protect or stop the wind and scorching sun from destroying the seeds.

So He called on the lightening to strike the earth with such force the ground cracked creating canyons and gullies. The process was painful but needed so the beauty of life could be shown more deeply.

The hard times are like that lightening storm.

The mighty eruptions crack us, create division, make rugged, difficult terrain that is hard to cross.

But in the process the storms make room for the impossible things of man to grow.

The storms eventually act as our armor.

God is not A being He is being.

He see’s all that is happening in the world and I would bet it saddens Him greatly, as it does to you and me.

But this is part of the process.

The strong must be sharpened by iron.

The weak exposed by their fear.

The things that are happening should be no surprise to any of us.

Balance, sometimes can’t happen, until the out of balance becomes so obvious it tips us over.

God is not thrown by any of this and we should NOT be either.

There are no mistakes.

You and I were created for such a time as this.

So rather than avoid the rough and rugged places, welcome them.

Climb down the rugged cliffs.

Don’t worry about falling.

In the depths of the hole are the most unusual findings but you have to go there to find them.

The cleft in the rock is not only meant as a hiding place, when we need one, but a spot where only the most beautiful things can grow.

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