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The Radical Middle

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The Radical Middle

(About the picture: High above the clouds where you can always see things clearly is where the mountain peaks exists. We as humans must also raise our heads and look beyond the obstructions, in order to find the truth. A new day is coming.)

I’m hearing a new term that’s generating a lot of interest.

It’s called “The Radical Middle.”

These are people who tire of name calling and false narratives we’re looking for more.

We want something deeper than we’re getting and the good news is the masses are ready.

For the hardline left and right this should scare the hell out of you.

What it means is your B.S. no longer garners our attention.

There are level headed, scientist, biologists, energy experts and economists, who crunch the numbers and your numbers don’t add up.

Young people are starting to question which also scares the former conversation controllers.

I’m excited to finally see farmers, truckers, workers and people like you and me willing to protest but more importantly willing to get involved and seek the data, the facts as we search for truth.

Oh, the message makers will scream and shout for a while but our concern coupled with our compassion for people, will win.

Put down your bias and become part of something radical as we step into the middle.

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