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The Power of Oxygen

The Power of Oxygen

Sponsored by New Leaf Hyperbaric’s & Wellness Center

The first time I visited the Hyperbaric’s chamber at New Leaf I couldn’t believe how good I felt.

You lay in this giant tank (not scary at all) and soak in pure oxygen for one hour.

I came out feeling a little high.

Not a bad high.

A euphoric high.

I’ve read plenty on the subject and the results are amazing.

As the video shows, right now New Leaf has a big sale, the biggest sale of the year.

Not just on hyperbaric treatments but also on light therapy, which is another amazing modality, and on massage.

If you don’t know much about either give Matt a call he’s an expert on the subject and would be glad to educate you.

But whatever you do don’t miss this big sale.

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