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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Discernment; The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle.

It takes tragedy, hard times and a threat to our way of life to wake up this thing we call Discernment.

Life is like a puzzle with so many missing pieces. You can follow clues and shapes but those who put things together need a strong dose of discernment to see the bigger picture.

It’s much easier to go with the flow, follow the fearful and take the easy way out.

But the easy way got us in a world of hurt.

People genuinely are suffering with higher prices and, in Oregon the highest gas prices on record.

I know in my own life I get too comfortable.

When things are easy I tend to back off and flow more than go.

I read headlines that people in this country are fed up and asking more questions and I love that.

I know questions scare some people.

I think that’s because questions can lead to change and when things are going your way you don’t want change.

A friend from Eugene wrote on her page the other day that crime is getting out of hand in a big way.

She works nights and hears a scary number of sirens blaring in the dark every night.

I think it scares her.

We see record crime rates in placed like Portland and Seattle where that never used to be the case.

Failed policies and ideas like defunding the police tickled the ears of politicians and activists but when lived out created a mess that’s still out of control.

In talking with people online and reading articles and I want to believe the general public is waking up.

They look at this puzzle and see too many missing pieces, enough to ask hard questions.

I also see the groups who pushed for destructive policies over the past two years, saying less as their “Cancel Power” slips away.

Discernment is a gift.

It’s something that goes beyond reasoning and lies have difficulty penetrating its resolve.

A lot will be said over the next few weeks leading up to the November 8th election.

Much of it aimed at getting you to do what they want you to do.

Truth and fiction are both pieces of the puzzle. Sometimes its hard to tell them apart without the “Thing” we call Discernment.

Time to call on it because we’re all going to need it to finish this puzzle

Vote as if freedom depends on it because it does.

Oh, tonight we have some folks coming on to talk about ballot measure 114.

What is it?

Hunters and sportsman and gun owners are not very happy about it.

Tune in to find out why.

5pm Pacific Time on Get Real With Rick Dancer

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Wisdom stood crying in the street,' listen to me"! Few heard her and many scorned her. Now she has gone away and we have become fools, prisoners our own folly. - M

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