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The Ministry of Truth: Oregon?

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Did you guys see this story? It's all over the internet today. Bill Lundun told us about it last night on our show. I'd love to hear what some of our more left leaning followers think of this.

For me it scares me to death.

Listen as Bill unpacks it for us.

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I can see why Rick, who, very recently, lied about litter boxes in schools, would be worried about any kind of accountability for knowingly spreading disinformation.

I'd like to day something glib or sarcastic here, but today my mother mentioned school litter boxes as a fact, likely due to bullshitters like Rick, and I have exhausted my patience with those whose lies make civil, well-intentioned disagreements impossible.

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This is very well said, man.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Nov 04, 2023

Rick, you don't live in Oregon anymore. So why do you keep showing us Oregon Bashing BS?


Wow. If this comes to pass, then the Democrat controlled Oregon once again leads the way on the elimination of free speech and the march towards government control. - M

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