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The Mask Hides & Reveals

The Mask Hides & Reveals

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I had no idea when I started writing this story what it was opening up for me.

Sometimes when you write you have to rewrite to get the real story.

We watched the film “Emily” last night at the theater.

It’s about the woman who wrote “Wuthering Heights”.

In the film a group sitting at a table, takes turns putting on a mask and then says or becomes anyone or anything they want to be.

In the film the mask is an escape, a way to reveal true feelings or thoughts unimaginable to the naked face.

The main character is misunderstood, seen as odd, weird and strange to those around her.

The mask is her freedom.

I could not stop thinking about what hides behind the mask.

This whole story was headed in that direction until a whisper said “The Mask has a dark side as well.”

Using a mask to explore ones insecurities can be healthy and I thought about it all night, in a positive way.

Then, as I’m writing this it strikes me…..THE COVID MASK THING!

People discovered the mask took away accountability and found a false sense of security with a mask on.

They put it on out of fear of getting sick but the mask became of symbol of heroism, conformity and judgement.

Behind the mask people became something they never were prior to covering most of their face or it was a darker side of their personality that the mask mixed with fear, allowed to come forth.

They too would say things they never would have said out loud because the mask makes you feel invisible, hidden and righteous.

As in the movie, inner thoughts and inhibitions dissolved when the mask went on and only the eyes could be seen.

People are not supposed to live behind a mask.

Whether politically, medically or psychologically induced, life should be about removing masks so relationships can deepen, not hiding our true selves behind something so divisive.

A mask is an excuse for not doing the real work it takes to get physically or mentally healthy.

In the case of COVID, where was the national get healthy campaign?

We knew the best way to prevent death from COVID was to be healthy.

Diet, exercise, healthy eating, weight loss would have all done more to keep people from dying than just putting on a mask and getting a shot.

But a mask is easy.

Hiding from the truth takes little effort.

The same is true for our mental health.

Masking protects us temporarily but walls erected out of fear are difficult to rip down over the long term.

The older I get the more used up masks I find in the recycle bin.

None of them really helped me.

I still got COVID.

I still struggle with human issues and insecurities.

And in terms of the mental masks, deep down inside I’m still the same guy, the mask doesn’t hide me it simply keeps me from being as free as I want to be.

So good bye to masks.

Time to stop hiding in fear.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Mar 05, 2023

Oh give me a break Rick Dancer. You are over thinking this. The mask is just a tool of SCIENCE (ever heard of it?) to help reduce a pandemic. Nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps you got Covid because you wouldn't get the vax. It's not rocket science...


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Mar 05, 2023

The analogy of wearing a ‘mask’ to hide who we really are is right on! But literally wearing a mask hides our smiles, frowns, distrust of others. They emboldened people to say things they would never have said aloud without them. I wore a mask faithfully, believing I was protecting my elderly mother. And I got Covid 3 times. Three! As recently as last month. And now Paxlovid is being pointed at as actually causing future outbreaks. Thanks for putting this all in perspective.

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