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The Greatest Story Ever Told...Yours

The Greatest Story Ever Told…..Yours

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Full interview here

We each are writing the story of our lives..

We get to pick the characters, how much character development we need, the place, the setting and how we live.

Some of the plot, I believe, is designed by our creator to get us to the place where our lives are not only interesting and exciting, but filled with drama, pain, joy, sadness and so on.

Because each of those emotions is part of the big picture….part of life.

I am reminded about the strength each one of us has when I produce a podcast like the one we did last night with Johnny Long.

The clip with this writing is just a moment.

If you know someone who is going through a tough time, especially someone hooked on drugs, this might be worth passing onto them.

Johnny has made his share of mistakes. He went to prison for two years and lived in a prison of drug use for years.

I’ve had him on my podcast several times but when he texted me the other day and said “I have a hell of a story to tell you Rick Dancer” I had to bite. I’m glad I did.

Johnny is a good man. He like many of us is trying to not just get through life but create and amazing life.

My hat is off to you Johnny Long.

I can’t wait to see what’s left to come.

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