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The Girl Named Jenny

The Girl Named Jenny

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I’m sitting in the newsroom at KEZI TV.

My phone rings.

A soft, scared, little voice says “Are you the reporter covering the case of the pastor who hurt that little girl?”

I said: “Yes.”

The phone is silent.

I said “Are you that girl?”

A tiny voice says “Yes.”

That conversation began a relationship with the Girl Named Jenny and our family that has lasted decades.

She became like part of our family.

When things got rough, we’d end up meeting her at the hospital.

When she needed someone to talk with about the scary stuff, she had my wife to share her soul too.

On our trip through Idaho we met up with The Girl Named Jenny.

She’s got all her degree’s, her schooling and is now working a suicide hotline, rescuing the weary and giving hope to the hopeless.

As we sat there for three hours, I kept looking at her and thinking to myself, I never knew that phone call would turn into this. I had no idea a young girl, so traumatized by a monster, would turn this all around to become a force to be reckoned with. But then again, we serve a mighty God who is all about transformation.

You never know if your words or actions matter but you do what God tells you to do anyway.

At one point in our conversation The Girl Named Jenny said “I remember coming to your house one Christmas Eve and thinking I’ve never had this kind of family before.” It stuck with her so strongly she created her own Christmas Eve celebration, modeled off what she experienced at our house that year. We had no idea.

There is so much more to the story of “The Girl Named Jenny.”

Someday maybe she’ll come on the podcast and share it.

Often times in life it’s not the big things that turn out memorable, it’s the little stuff.

I guess we all need to remember that don’t we?

Oh, and don’t ever allow your past to predict your future. Instead use it to create something beautiful that serves God and literally saves the lives of people like you and me.

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Laura West Crowe

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