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The "Fantasy" Assignment Gets More Weird.

Fantasy Assignment Get’s Even More Weird

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So turns out the fantasy assignment in a health class at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon may be part of curriculum that’s used all over the state of Oregon and in other Eugene High Schools.

That according to a report I read on Oregon Live this morning.

The unanswered question is was this assignment part of the official curriculum?

As we talked about earlier the curriculum is called OWL.

Now it appears Eugene school district officials are going to review the health curriculum, which is called Our Whole Lives that was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.

One might ask didn’t the district already review this curriculum before implementing it into the district?

And again was this assignment part of that curriculum or not?

I would ask why the district approved curriculum developed by what is clearly a religious organization….doesn’t that cross a line?

My comment sections on social media and my email are lighting up with more stories of equally weird topics called assignments dealing with similar issues.

I agree it’s healthy for kids to think of other ways of showing love that is not sexual, heck a lot of adults could use the same education. But how is asking a teenager to write a “sexual fantasy” for a teacher to read a healthy way of doing that?

According to recent statistics Oregon lost 30,000 kids in the public school system over the past four years. I’m sure some of that was COVID but a lot of it probably has to do with Oregon is I think 38th in the nation out of all 50 states when it comes to results from public schools. In other words, Oregons education system gets an “F”.

Oregonians also spend a hell of a lot of money paying for that education I guess each taxpayers needs to ask “Where’s the money going if the system can’t even teach kids?”

The Reaction to COVID did something the fear based lockdown pushers and shutdown fanatics didn’t expect.

You pushed too hard, too long and too much and in doing so opened the eyes of many.

It’s as though you took cultural apathy that was working in your favor and threw it into an ice bath and woke it up. The shock not only opened the eyes of many, you angered them and now they won’t go back to sleep.

You created your own monster.

On Tuesday night at 5pm (PT) we’ll have some parents and students on our Get Real With Rick Dancer show to talk more about this assignment and their concerns about the OWL curriculum.

I’m gonna guess the district can’t adopt curriculum without approval by the school board so there’s a group that needs to be questioned.

Also remember there’s an election coming up in May I think.

We’ll see you Tuesday Night.

Oh I had to laugh when Oregon Live gave credit to KEZI for being the first to break the story.

You parents broke the story.

You spread the word all over social media.

You made this happen and should be proud of yourself.

Validity doesn’t come from legacy media.

Change happens when we/you open your mouth fearlessly and don’t let up.

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1 Comment

Interesting that this was written and endorsed by "religious" organizations. The bible has a great deal to say about the various kinds of love and it isn't, "chips, dip and whips" fantasy. I think that these folks would benefit from some Bible study and earnest prayer. What a screwed up world we live in. - M.

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