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The Election Variant

Updated: Aug 28

The Election Variant

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What is this need some seem to have to be told what to do?

For thousands of years we’ve lived with diseases and once understood that part of immunity was actually being exposed to it.

Look at the headlines from the mob-media.

Just a few weeks ago I was reading articles about the ineffectiveness of masks and the vaccine (not in the legacy media) and now both are back in the headlines as our savior.

Even the CDCC and Dr "F" said masks were not effective.

I’m amazed by how quickly culture falls right back into the fear factor.

If people are immune compromised by all means wear a mask.

For the rest of us it should be a choice.

We can read the research that tells how destructive masks were to our kids education and yet the first sign of a slight upswing, schools in some parts of the country shutdown.

What we learned last round was those with co-morbidities can be at greatest risk of serious problems for the virus.

Many of those co-morbidities could be lessened with diet, exercise and taking better care of ourselves.

Thank God, since the last outbreak, our nation went on a national diet and got healthy (not) which is what we really need to do overall.

Oh, yeh, that didn’t happen did it?

The same administration that is starting to whisper of “control” failed to implement a national campaign that would really protect people from COVID, which would consist of the things I mentioned above.

Like the mask people wear, this whole thing has so many holes in it I’m amazed anyone falls for it.

Soon social media will again censor things like this allowing you to see only “The Sky Is Falling” reports and all the Malones and Jordan Petersons will be silenced.

I see Hollywood stars already virtue signally and telling us to care about our fellow citizens and put on a mask. They’ll use that BS again as a way of making the mask people feel so high and mighty.

There is a reason some are dubbing this the “Election Variant” and if you don’t know what that means you better do your homework.

As for what you choose to do, that’s up to you. But remember, a whole bunch of us will not comply and that is absolutely, unequivocally, none of your business.

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