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Texas, You Temptress You

People make all the difference

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We are in love with Texas.

No, we’re not moving from Montana, Montana is our home.

But Texas is like a mad affair where you can sure understand why people cheat on their state.

Texas is too hot, too muggy and not enough mountains for us.

That’s not a “hit” on the state, it’s just a couple of things we don’t do well with or without.

But OMG the people?

I could give you a dozen examples of Texas kindness but it would take too long.

Yesterday we went to the “Fiesta Parade” in the heart of San Antonio.

Parade’s give you a feel for a place.

Parade’s tell a lot about the people.

This parade told us all we need to know about those who choose to live in the state of Texas, it’s not just a place but a state of mind.

People showed up ready for a party.

As each float or band rolled by, they cheered as if they were related to everyone parading down the street.

San Antonio is a huge military town.

Lot’s of military academies and every one of them was in the parade (I think).

It felt like the America I remember back in Oregon, many, many years ago.

We planned to stay about an hour but the parade just kept going and we couldn’t leave.

It also helps that we met a nice family Zach and Miry Patterson who recently moved to the area from California.

They have three boys and wanted them to grow up in a place like this.

I can see why.

We talked with them for over an hour as they shared places to go, food to find and coffee to drink.

Last night we went to an area they call “The Pearl.”

Does every big city have a “Pearl District?” (Portland Oregon Does)

It’s an old brewery/mill district they made into a “sheeh sheeh “ spot and while it’s expensive it’s conducive to families, proms, dates and weddings. We saw them all.

People in Texas, we are told, are so proud of their state.

It’s almost like Texas is its own country.

If the United States stays on the path it’s on, who knows, maybe it will become its own nation.

If that happens Kathy and I may come back permanently.

Some sneer at the term nationalism, I don’t.

I want to be proud of the the place I live and willing to lay down my life to protect it.

Texans are like that.

Oh, and for those who are already creating a big ole box and slapping a label on it to describe the people of Texas, you better be careful.

We saw all kinds of folks from every ethnicity to diverse sexuality, enjoying the freedoms of such a great place.

Texas, you are a temptress and you are taking a peace of my heart, but we love Montana first.

But we’ll be back.

And we still have three more days to meet more of your people.

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2 commentaires

I loved living in Texas! But heat and humidity got to us. We were in Austin and loved the music scene. Went to San Antonio often. Just south of Dallas is a town called West and it’s a Czech town. Loved it. Bought lots of glass and pastries every time we visited. People were always nice and welcoming but again, the heat. And about that time, grandchildren started coming so we moved back.


I have a good friend that moved to Mt. Enterprise, Texas. He loves it there and he says the people are wonderfully, "old fashioned" in their faith, values, patriotism and hospitality. It's still that way here in Enterprise, Oregon too. - M

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