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Take A Hike

Take A Hike

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On 20 degree days in Montana, riding Mountain Bikes, no matter how much we want to, is a little tough.

Going up a hill is find but coming down, you freeze your fingers off.

So Kathy and I decided to hike what are called the Spokane Hills.

We see the main mountain (biggest one) from our house and drive by it every day when we visit Helena.

We’ve hiked and ridden the hills themselves but never have we taken the time to climb to the top of the mountain, until yesterday.

In all it was a little over 6 miles and absolutely beautiful. We added a few ridges along the side so we could get the full 6 miles in.

We don’t talk a lot when we hike. There’s too much to take in to try to put words to what you are experiencing.

I love the ocean, grew up going there all the time so I probably always will have a soft spot for the waves.

But I think my real love is the mountains. Sometimes I wonder if that is not why Moses, Jesus, his disciples and others, have climbed to the top of mountains to spend time with God.

On the mountain top you have perspective. You see the world and it’s concerns for what they are…tiny and often irrelevant in the scope of everything.

In Montana we are surrounded by mountains. Each direction, pieces of land that rise 8, 9 and 10 thousand feet into the air.

Montana is not perfect. Montana is not for everyone. Montana is a place you have to get used to. But one trip to the top of the mountain and you are reminded why you came here.

Montana, the last best place.

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1 Yorum

"Last best place", next to Wallowa County and the Eagle Caps that is 🤠.- M

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