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Stop Retelling Old Stories

Stop Retelling Old Stories

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On the plane headed to Mexico, a woman walks up with a heavy bag and asks if I’ll put it in the overhead compartment.

She’s a regular visitor to Loreto Mexico.

Near the end of the flight Nancy starts telling us the ins’ and outs of the Baja area.

We talked for about an hour as we waited for customs to check us in and discovered the place she is staying is just across the courtyard from our unit.

Kathy and Nancy exchange phone numbers and the texting begins.

She’s a life coach from Boston and comes here for three months out of the year.

Last night all three of us went into Loreto, strolled the streets and had drinks and dinner.

We talked about our kids, lives and then she said something that I can’t get out of my head.

When asked what is the biggest issue you find with your clients.

She said people always tend to retell the same old stories.

Wow, wait a minute, what’s that?

We keep telling the story our parents told about us.

We revisit what a boss said or a co-worker and on and on.

When we stop retelling those stories and instead live in who we are today, life changes.

We get to form our story but often times spend too much time living in the past narratives.

I’m a big believer in the idea that there are no chance meetings.

God slips people in and out of our lives like an editor waiting to see if we’ll grab onto the storyline or ignore it.

Nancy also talked about listening to yourself, really listen.

Take time to think about what you need and want and also listen more carefully to others.

That one is going to take me more time to unpack but it’s a start.

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I am a Catholic and i loved your singing of the Lords Prayer. I would love to hear you singing again You have a magnificent voice. MaryLou Glasgow Scotland

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