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Sorrow Verses Laughter

Sorrow Verses Laughter?

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It is said Sorrow is better than laughter for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.

That’s not something we want to hear is it? But I do find it to be true.

I learn much more, dig deeper and find myself more willing to go off the grid emotionally, in sorrow.

Sorrow is God’s plow. He uses it to turn up the surface, force us to dig deeper to find the rich, nutrient filled, soul soil needed to create a better life.

Sorrow makes us think deeper, longer and much more carefully.

I’m not a huge fan of sorrow in fact I probably work too hard at avoiding it.

It’s much easier to put on a fake smile, pretend everything is okay and live from happy moment to happy moment. I strangle sorrow until I can no longer keep my hands around it’s neck….and then it hits me.

Sorrow catches up with us.

A storm arises out of nowhere.

Something in us dies and we are left with that plow in our hand, no horse to pull it and the only hope we find is in our creator.

I heard something interesting this week that startled me a bit.

Life is hard and it’s supposed to be.

No one has an easy life, even those at the so-called top who seem to have everything going for them.

Social media allows us to paint a gleeful picture of the highlights and edit out the low moments.

Life doesn’t do that.

No one gets a filter or app to produce fog to fool reality.

It all catches up to us.

So, sorrow you are part of my world.

You are what gets me back on track.

Fruit isn’t made from glee.

It comes from the sorrow when the sorrowful are willing to not wallow in it but use it to dig deeper.

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1 Comment

I listened to a podcast that said something similar - look for God in both the good and the bad. That got me thinking a lot about trials will be there but it strengthens us.

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