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Silence Is Broken

How Long Can The Silence Continue

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Something is not right and we/they know it.

Trust is gone as more evidence mounts against them.

Twisted stories, public relations grinds, more lies told.

We ask “How can they still be buying this?”

Still, silence.

A cold chill is in the air as lies unravel.

Some bought in, some refused, cancellation succeeded but has turned on the cancelers.

They now cancel themselves but don’t know it.

Hypocrisy is their comforter.

Non-sense becomes common sense.

Still, Silence.

Culture bowed to a false narrative.

Fear gave way to insanity.

They took what they could and pitted us against each other.

And we failed to stand against them.

Facts don’t add up anymore.

Mistakes were made.

Still Silence.

As the year comes to and end we all wonder about a new beginning.

Who runs, who wins, which lies uncovered and how much more is covered by ignorance.

Inconsistency is consistent.

Stories, facts, false narratives, don’t add up.

Still silence.

Silence, done the right way can be life changing.

Long ago, in a place far away, there was a night when silence began a change that continues today.

Corruption at the top was brought to its knees by a child.

A new world order, although for the most part silent, was ushered in.

A silent night that was a holy night and righteousness exposed cultural flaws and evil.

Perhaps the question isn’t so much how long can silence last but when does the right silence awaken the underlying current that will lead to change.

Free will is a gift and a curse.

When will the silence be broken?

In some ways we each get to decide.

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