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Scratching My Head Over Ignorance

Scratching My Head Over Anti-Semitism

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I think many of us are baffled by the protests supporting the rape, killings and beheading of Jewish people in Israel.

Some of those protestors believe these reports, pictures and evidence is all lies.

But they are wrong.

They seem to have no problem when legacy meeting “gets it wrong” and says Israel bombed a hospital when it fact it was not Israel, but hey why let the facts get in the way of a messed up ideology and a good lie.

It’s great to see leadership in both parties standing with the Jewish people.

But how can a handful of Democratic leaders keep pushing against them?

People are canceled for this sort of thing, but not in this case.

Remember during the pandemic when Black Lives Matter folks were allowed to protest despite the fact the rest of us were in lockdown?

I guess the virus didn’t strike those with the ideology of the week and those who supported BLM?

I got a call from a mom whose daughter goes to Oregon State University.

The mom’s name is Jamar.

Her daughter was accepted into a dorm until they discovered she is white.

Jamar thinks there was a mix up because her name sounds like she might be black.

She’s mad as hell and I would be too.

So the school offered to pay the girl to leave the dorm because this is a special dorm for people who are of other ethnicities, in other words, NOT WHITE.

We’ll find out more.

I’m going to have them both on the show next week.

Back to my point….how did we as a country get to the point where we have exclusive dorms where white people are not accepted?

I remember 20 years ago we were told to “see no color, just people.”

Now we are separating people based on the color of their skin, their racial standing, their religious views and so on.

I think it’s time to join forces and stand against all and any racism….

We need to stop the hate of people who believe differently than us and instead look at the atrocities being committed against people, just people, and stand against that.

Ignorance is dangerous.

Unfortunately we are learning that the hard way.

But the rest of us need not be afraid.

This is not about Israel & Palestine, not anymore.

This is about a terrorist group butchering innocent people and if we as a nation can’t stand against that we are serious trouble.

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Man, the ego on you... ignorance? You‘re the one who reads wildly inaccurate conspiracy blogs and calls them truth. “The lockdown” does not preclude anyone from protesting and we are guaranteed that right in the constitution. And yeah, do your research on that hospital. Maybe try looking at some news sources that aren’t purely opinion that is entirely pro-Israel, because there is clearly blood on their hands. The Hamas organization is a terrorist organization, but Israel needs to stop its abuse of the Palestinian people. Wake up, man, you are blinded by your own ignorance and absolute faith in falsehoods. .

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Oct 24, 2023
Replying to

Wow you are so lost. Typical answer for a non-critical thinker. White Supremacy? Bullshit.

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