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Red State, Blue State & The State of Confusion.

You Never Know The Mark You Leave

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We took a tour of the Alamo yesterday.

What a sobering moment in history, especially for Texas.

One of the stories, of this time in history, that touched me is that of a woman named Emily Morgan.

She was a free black woman who is an accidental heroine of Texas independence.

That got me thinking, many of the great people from history had no idea their participation is something important that would inshrine them in history.

There are plenty of people who scrape, claw and steal their way into the history books.

Many of them have long trails of garbage that follow them.

In other words, they make it but so do their bad deeds.

I guess that’s something to remember huh?

So many people are never “discovered” until they are gone.

Maybe it’s best that way?

Allow God to be their revealer not some public relations firm.

The “Why” we do things is often more important than the “What.”

Those we rip apart others on the way up eventually bring us down.

We ended our day at a beautiful restaurant called Nonna Osteria.

It has a rooftop bar and the restaurant on the first floor looks like it’s of the same period as the building it’s housed in.

The Silo Fairmont is owned by one family, not some big corporation…..and it shows.

Our waiter and the gentleman who helped us with the wine list, yes you had two waiters, were excellent.

They are also refugees from Blue states, who moved to a Red state to find freedom of thought, life and the pursuit of happiness.

Both fled California.

You find a lot of that in Texas.

You feel it in the people.

We had not one conversation that centered of Trump or Biden, Pronouns or Cancel culture and no one prayed to the gods of climate change.

Oh, we did see a friendly protest of black Americans supporting Israel which was like a breath of fresh air coming originally from Oregon where that sort of thing would be shunned, shutdown and silenced. (shameful isn’t it)

Texas seems to understand what it is, who it is, and what they determine to be right and wrong.

What they “get” is the standard is set and those who come here to change it, good luck.

God, Guns and Goodwill to others is the name of the game.

Bullies are shutdown in their tracks.

We watched Oregon become California and pray the people of Montana stand firm to what they believe.

You really have to.

It’s a free country, at least in the Red States it still is, and anyone is welcome.

But if you voted with your heart and let sappy words tickle your ballot box, stay where you are. You already ruined one state isn’t that enough?

If you allow standards to become to fuzzy, the cancel culture warriors smell weakness, swoop in and before you know it, it’s too late.

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I heard someone say that this differing schools of thought/values/ faith in our country is coming down to the rural/urban divide that will end with a civil war that splits the US into like minded smaller countries much like Europe. Only God knows. So glad your time in Texas has been a joy filled one my friend. - M

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