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Reassessing Life: Do It Often

Reassessing Life: Do It Often

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I would hate to wake up someday and find I’d missed out on opportunities to change.

Comfort seems to me to be our enemy, luring us into a false sense of safety.

I read the other day where you can either be safe or free but not both together.

I 100% agree with that statement.

To Hell with safe I’ll take freedom anyway.

We’re here in Idaho spending Christmas with my twin sister and her husband.

We started talking about the future.

When you let go of all that you think you are supposed to do, allow the things that seem practical to never enter the conversation, it is amazing what starts to surface.

Glen and Judi took us to a super cool restaurant called “Apericena on 13th”.

It’s located in an old house in the Hyde Park district.

The atmosphere is warm, cozy, intimate….perfect really.

There’s only room for a few people inside.

They had live music last night, outside, but when guests outside were gone the owner asked if she could bring. Joseph inside next to us to play.

It was amazing. I would say magical but I hate that word (LOL) so we’ll leave it at amazing.

My sister would call it “lovely” that’s her favorite word.

Joseph is amazing.

His music was instrumental at first but he became like part of our dinner party so soon he, the owner, our table and others in the room were singing together.

The staff was in on all of this too. They smiled as everyone in the room, dropped their inhibition and just got into the moment.

When we left Joseph thanked us over and over for allowing him to be part of our night. We returned the favor.

So what do you learn?

Life is too short not to play.

Life is a participation sport not something we do for a trophy or status.

And if you don’t allow people into your life, is that really living?

As I sit here this morning remembering the feeling last night off in the distance I hear a familiar sound. It is the sound of change starting to stir my soul.

Sure, there’s something inside that whispers, not again.

But the echo of “remember how good change is when you’re in it” sounds louder, stronger and brings harmony to my spirit.

No hurry, been here and done this.

Kathy and I are actually pretty good at it.

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