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Perhaps We Need More Conflict?

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Perhaps We Need More Conflict?

Perhaps the very thing we try to avoid is really what we need….Conflict?

For decades people like me have been tiptoeing around the issues that bother us, culturally, out of fear of conflict.

We don’t want to rock the boat because once rocked there’s no going back.

I recently attended a business conference where one of the speakers said to run a health organization conflict is necessary.

Without conflict most people won’t commit.

If we as people don’t weigh in we won’t buy in and right there describes the world we live in.

Someone took offense to something I posted about a Disney movie. But instead of connecting with me personally to clarify what my comments meant, he took his complaint to the Eugene Human Rights Commission. WTH.

What in the hell is the Eugene Human Rights Commission going to do about something I said?

It’s almost laughable accept for the fact that the guy is using me to make his point.

What he fails to understand is maybe we do see this issue differently and his assumptions is incorrect.

But how will you know without conflict and I don’t mean running behind someone’s back and stabbing them.

I think the “Trans Issue” has blown up because people finally have had enough.

I think for a lot of people it’s not about the “trans” as much as it is that culture and it’s woke-ness pushed too long, too hard and too far and people have had enough.

This is the issue that people said, “wait, enough already.”

Trans sports is where “it” really hit the fan.

Now folks are standing up against ideologies people have pushed for years.

The reaction to COVID opened the doors to our schools so parents saw what was being taught and now many parents want school choice.

The abortion issue is again wide open and freedom of speech more important to many of us than we ever dreamed it would be.

The problem for the “woke folk” is you opened a huge can of worms and invited conflict to finally surface.

Now people aren’t backing down.

So thank you, you’re pushing…. “woke” us up.

We should never provoke conflict but we shouldn’t sweep it under the rug either.

I’m against ever going out to purposely look for a fight but I’m all about striking back at conflict full force when it’s right.

Like you I have days when I think, “God, what is going on, the world is so screwed up right now?”

What used to be considered right is now considered wrong and vice-versa.

Perhaps to set things straight we all need to be more willing to not stand behind someone but next to them and say “No More.”

Perhaps we all need to be willing to step into the ring and face conflict head on.

We can no longer depend on political leaders or “the other person” to take on the fight.

Oh, and your adversary is not gonna like it.

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