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Oregon, You Got This

Oregon, You Got This.

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Every time we come back to Oregon we feel a little less connected to this place we lived most of our lives.

It’s hard to see it on the decline.

Despite what the haters say, we love this place and for me, it will always be home.

But Oregon was taken over by one party through cheating the system by redistricting area’s to benefit their side.

Even studies from outside groups back that up.

Now, the cheaters allies deny this but it’s true.

Oregon is a state with lots of so-called progressive people.

But it also is filled with common sense, hardworking folks who, up until now, have not had time to worry about the woke messaging, they are too busy running businesses, raising kids and supporting their communities.

I get a lot of flack from the hate crowd when I write about Oregon.

They think I have not right to speak about the state since I left.

What they fail to understand is their opinions only matter if I care what they say and I don’t.

We can have opinions on anything that’s what it means to be free.

What these hater types dislike is that many of you hear what I’m saying and agree.

See, if they can scare you and me from speaking up and speaking out, they win.

They are not going to win.

Here’s what they fail to see because they can’t.

It is amazing the number of people who stopped me over the last five days to tell me “We love how you speak out against the BS, keep it up.”

Complete strangers stop their cars, roll down the windows, to tell me to keep pushing.

Yep, they tell me they wish they too could move out of Oregon because it’s unbearable when you don’t soak up the narrative of the hour.

They want Oregon back.

Oregonians are finding their voice.

Haters, that should scare the hell out of you and from your reaction to my writings and comments, it does.

You’ve owned the conversation for too long and you ruined the state.

Drugs are killing Oregonians.

Your policies don’t work.

The state is a giant litter box with trash, garbage and transients destroying the beauty that made Oregon, Oregon.

You call it compassion when it is anything but compassionate.

It’s bad parenting at its worst and you have allowed outsiders and your weak message of fear, to take over.

As we pack up to head home to Montana I’m smiling with excitement by the number of people who told me they are ready to fight back to keep Oregon or at least get her back.

You talked big talk and used all the techniques of bullying to gain control, but the people are onto you.

You pushed too hard, too far and now Oregonians are ready to push back.

2024 will be an interesting year. The blueness of Oregon is fading to a shade of purple.

Fairness is in the wind and your control is in jeopardy.

Truth has a way of exposing you with facts not your talking points.

I’m proud of those willing to stand up.

But it’s not going to just happen it’s going to take voices working together to bring Oregon back.

But guess what, she will be back.

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1 Comment

Wow! My colleagues rated this post as one of your “hater” posts. Vote was 4-1. 3 of them predicted a “bring us together “ post tomorrow. One said, “it will take patience and listening-not yelling insults “ to bring us together.

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