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Oh You Foolish People

Woman In Gold

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Last night we flipped on the television and found the movie “Woman In Gold.”

We think we’ve seen it before but thought we should watch it again.

With all the anti-semitic shit going on in the world, this movie is timely and was the perfect choice.

For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about Maria Altmann, a Jewish refugee, who takes on the Austrian government to recover artwork she believes is rightfully her families property.

As I watch anti-semitic protests back in Portland Oregon destroy a Christmas Tree lightening ceremony and ignorant protestors all over the world, slurring Jews, and thinking they are so righteous but instead just exposing their ignorance, I am saddened to see history so easily repeating itself.

We humans are slow learners. As in the movie, we are quick to side with stupidity and slow to think through what we are doing. We are quick to cover our asses and jump on a bandwagon without knowing where

it is going or who it destroying.

We are quick to make excuses as we follow our feelings and ditch any critical thinking skills as we hide behind a cultural virtue signal that is nothing but a ruse exposing our foolishness.

I won’t spoil the movie but its ending is a warning to those who think they can crush the Jewish people.

This race is tough, tenacious and stronger than it’s opposition.

So put your protest signs away.

Before you open your mouth do a bit of research.

This conflict has been going on thousands of years and its outcome is always the same.

There is a wrong side of history and if you side with terrorists and others who seek to destroy the Jewish people, that’s where you will find yourself.

God help you.

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