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Not A Time For Silence

Be Still but NOT Silent

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Now is not the time to be silent.

I understand many of you don’t want to put a target on your back but I believe we are at a point in history when you either jump in or step aside and look for another way.

Ignorance is a disease in this country.

People ignore facts and do as they are told.

They adopt simple, easy to explain narratives and call it good. (usually fed to them by a media and system of corruption.)

They want to feel good about themselves so they place public virtue over truth and that is a recipe for disaster.

Remember when America was the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The brave are still out there but many have given up their freedoms out of fear, waiting for Uncle Joe and his party to take care of them.

That’s not the values this country is founded on.

That’s not America.

This old Wendy’s commercial reminds me of many in our country.

They know there’s a giant hole and have no idea where it leads but like sheep they follow the leader and in they go.

There is a time to Be Still and a Time for Silence but now is not the time for either.

You can be still, calm and collected and still speak out.

Oh, and don’t listen to the jumpers.

Speaking against stupidity doesn’t make you a MAGA, a Republican, a Racist, a Homophobe or a Trump Supporter. (although being a MAGA, Republican or a Trump Supporter isn’t a bad thing)

Their words only hurt if you let them.

Remind yourself folks are desperate right now and the results of their support of an ideology is failing miserably.

It’s not easy to eat your words or apologize for destroying your neighbors lives and our country.

We will ALL get through this but we have to speak out…..before it’s too late.

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Four hours of brave doctors, scientist, bio engineers etc.worldwide standing up for our freedoms from all angles that are being attacked. Senator Ron Johnson has held six of these public hearings, have you heard about any of them? If not shows you how we are being silenced.

Replying to

I listened/watched part of this-wow over 4 hours! I’m not convinced. I remember him saying the body immune system can protect us- but he did not speak to the millions who died from Covid. What about their immune systems? What about other vaccines for other diseases? Does he dispute them?

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